"Wow! Once again, you have hit a "homerun" for us. We love it! It looks awesome. We loved how you paid attention to the little details. You are amazing and have such an incredible talent for doing this."
                                  -- Charla W., February 2017 (repeat customer)

"Just wanted to let you know how amazing the montage was!! Can't tell you how many endless compliment we are still getting!! My daughter was blown away! It was perfect - you are amazing. Thank you again so much!!!
— Debra B., August 2018 (repeat customer)

"We LOVED the Bat Mitzvah montage so much!!! The category headings were so terrific and the colors and transitions were fun and entertaining!! We really enjoyed the special touches like the hearts, picture frames, disney castle, NY Dance signs, and we especially enjoyed the "So You Think You Can Dance" video!! The whole montage is going to have Melanie smiling from ear to ear!!! We couldn't stop smiling the whole time. Once again, you have outdone yourself with a beautiful product that we will treasure forever!!!"
                                  -- Michelle S., August 2016 (repeat customer)

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— Hillah M, October 2019

"Wow Pam… just wow!!!!!! I'm laughing, crying, smiling, everything!! What an amazing job you did!
— Michelle A, July 2017

"First of all…WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!! How did you make that magic happen so quickly? You have some mad skills and we are so thankful to benefit from them :) "
                                  -- Mandi R., August 2016

"He loved his montage!! And I got lots of compliments from guests! Thank you so much for making a great montage & for all your support & advice along the way!"
                                  --Wendi G., February 2016

"I wanted to let you know that [bar mitzvah son] loved the montage and I also got alot of compliments on how well done it was!"
                                  -- Sheri M., February 2015 (repeat customer)

“OMG!!!!! Amazing!!! I'm even teary eyed! The effects were awesome and I feel that you put in 110%!!!! So totally cool!  You outdid yourself girl!!!!”
                                -- Lori C., November 2014

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“Words cannot even express how much we LOVE it!!!! Thank you so much. We've watched it 5 times today!”
                                -- Lisa K., September 2014

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                                -- Charla W., August 2014

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                               -- Rebecca G., June 2014

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                            -- Michelle S., May 2014

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                             -- Michelle P., February 2014

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