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Mosaic Photos Prints

are poster-size photos (16x20 or 20x30) that use 2,000 tiny photos to create one base image.  The base image can be a person, two people, a logo or almost anything!

The tiny photos are your personal photos (between 80-150 photos needed) that are duplicated many times to make the base image.  (If you zoom your monitor screen, you will be able to see the tiny photos).

For Mosaic pricing info, please see the Pricing Guide page.

Rachel end-blowing kiss Mosaic white color Alabama elephant 20x30 Mosaic

Some great mosaic ideas:

  • closeup photo of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child
  • closeup photo of a child in their sports uniform
  • closeup photo of the Wedding/Anniversary couple
  • Sports logos
  • Sorority Letters
  • Club/organization logo
  • Corporate logo

Mets logo on ball with bats_edited-2 Mosaic white color Josh mosaic pic Mosaic