Check out these short samples (one minute or less) that highlight some of our unique features, as well as the Full Length Montages at the bottom of the page.  As you can see, we offer many unique "outside the box" montage features. For montage pricing, see the Pricing Guide page.

Click on the images below to watch brief videos on each feature!

MOSAIC - One picture is created using THOUSANDS of small pictures
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SPORTS EFFECTS - many cool effects that highlight sports photographs
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FACE MORPH - one picture "morphs" into the next picture
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"THE VOICE" - As if your child was a contestant on "The Voice" or "So You Think You Can Dance", etc.
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MOVING PICTURES - the pictures "come alive" by creating movement (where there would be movement in real life) on a still picture (ex: sledding down a hill)
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Click on the images below to watch a full length montage!

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